Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my word...

wow..how time flies..been so long since i last updated myself on this blog. life's been busy for me at the moment. always caught up  with my responsibilities as teacher. March - April is known to me as the most hectic months during the first term of schooling. cant wait for May and mid-year school hols in June

As usual, i'll leave the post with at least one of the latest pic that ive taken recently. The one you see here is taken using Elikon 535 and i loaded it up with Fuji 400cn. If you think that the pic is a product effected by light-leak..yes..you're right. ive some problem with the winding of the film. It has been taken cared of before by Mr Iskandar Ahmad Rodzai or famously known as eastmoe (which one of the otai hero in Malaysia among the talented others). But ive discovered that another problem got in my way of using that precious Belarus camera.
Somehow, the film advance sprocket have a problem of advancing the film. Mainly, i assumed that the rewind fork caused the problem that it is so tight it cannot let the film advance smoothly.

However, i wont give up in using the camera. I do personally think that it is a special camera worth having and mention for since people who know the camera labelled it as 'poor man's LC-A'..specifically because of the lens of the camera.

Well, i think that's it for now. Got to go offline since i'm writing this blog during recess time. Got a class to take care of. Catch you guys later..


Monday, January 30, 2012

A Pic A Day January 30, 2012

Boba Fett and Chelsea FC crossover..hehe..not much to say..just want to share with y'all =)


Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pic A Day January 29, 2012

Hey there people of the world..nice to you all again..virtually..hehe..Life's been pretty hectic now..school's work never stop coming in, need  to think activities for the subject that i teach and plus more co-curricular activities coming my way

All i ever need now is holidays. Free time to spend with my wife and loved, not forgetting friends. since it's the start of the semester, i do lacking in social skills, especially quality time with my friends.

You might be wondering what the above picture have to do with my blog this time around. Well, it's actually a picture of the lomowall that ive done for my wedding and some of the lomo cameras that i owned (except the white Holga over there, it's owned by one of my lomo friend, Mr Wandy Saeit). Plus, recently, i got myself a nice Boba Fett helmet. Proud to own that even though it's not as real as it should be.

At the moment, i really need to focus on my work as i will endeavor on a busy schedule for the first term. If it goes my way, i'd fancy a special time with my other half and go travelling. But the breadwinner of the house need to earn money..hehe..so..just play stupid and ignore all the problems and obstacle that i will encounter. I'll work my ass of like usual and make sure those kids received enough education for them to become better person..See you guys soon. =)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

another new year..another cycle

i know it's coming to the middle of Jan 2012 but i still want to say it..Happy New Year..hehe..wow..it's been an ages since my last visit on my blog. There's too many things to settle to since last month.

Talking about last month, it was the busiest of my life. I just recently got married and can't wait to have my own family. As for this year, there will be new things to experience, new extended familes, new tradition, new surroundings and hopefully new status..hehe.

Well.. got to stop now. Will update all the new pics taken once i have my free time. Cheers!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A-Pic-A-Day November 19, 2011

hey guys..so sorry for the long delay..m at my family home now.The internet connection is an issue here so it's kind of a drag. Well..for this edition, ive finally managed to capture a moment using film that 've longed most, fuji astia 100 which is kind of rare. Since i dont have a camera with a sharp lens, ive decided to try using my first ever roll of astia using my Diana Mini.

The picture you see above is actually a double exposure. a combination of a cat walking and i imposed it on a picture of a sky just in front of my house. ..i dont get the picture myself but  i just loooooove the colour it produce, a nice blend of pink and red, which makes the film special to me

next time, i'll be using a better camera in hope to get the best image out of astia..so, thats all folks,, see you aguys around!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Pic A Day November 12, 2011

Ok..here's another A-P-A-D for today's edition. i know it's been an ages since i last post anything on my blog. it's the end of the year and school's out. was busy clearing stuffs and managing whatnot.

The pic you see above was taken using Diana Mini loaded with Fuji Velvia 100 asa. it was a hot sunny day, just perfect for lomo activity. There was a Lomohunter (currently Ananlogue Garage) outing going on and most of the members turned up. We were busy  snapping away and i did this dx impromptu. .ehhehee..the pic is kind of creepy actually. Plus the colour is totally striking.

So, that's about it. More to come in the next edition of A-P-A-D.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Pic A Day November 03, 2011

wow..how time flies..i cant recall when was the last time i write something on my blog..

the past two weeks has been an odd week for me.. part fun and part miserable..dont have the knack to tell you guys now..Ok, back to the topic Here's my A-P-A-D for today! Yeay!

here's the story: the picture above was taken when i was still working at my old school. yeap..in Miri..i loaded my Diana Miri with Fuji Tungsten 64. The weather was superb. Sunny and windy at the same time. There was some action going on. The students were just finished their exam and lots of time for them to kill. Here, i caught them playing netball in the middle of football field..hahaha..did double exposure on the scene to add some awkward feeling into it.

That's about it. My first roll of using Fuji Tungsten 64. The high contrast in the picture is totally captivating and specially recommended using the film when it is a scorching sunny day. Dont forget your parasol! =)